Brussels Capital Region

Public Security

Brussels Prevention & Security has a number of different mechanisms available to it in carrying out its mission of coordinating the parties active in security and prevention:

  • An Integrated Communications and Crisis Centre for use by the various police and emergency service operators to coordinate and manage any incident within the Region.
  • A cybersecurity centre that collects and monitors information, particularly on social networks.
  • A regional centre for processing traffic offences set up in cooperation with, and with the support of, the Brussels police zones and the federal police.

In order to promote a more harmonised approach and encourage an exchange of best practices, Brussels Prevention & Security has in particular developed :

  • Close cooperation with municipalities, the police zones, the federal police, the Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office and the various federal security services (Federal Police, the Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (CUTA), State Security) and community administrations.
  • Close cooperation with certain regional bodies, such as Brussels Local Authorities, Brussels Mobility, the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC), Brussels Environment, the Brussels Fire Service and Emergency Medical Service (SIAMU/DBDMH), the Brussels public transport company (STIB/MIVB) and Perspective.Brussels, in various areas such as securing public spaces, developing CCTV, security on public transport or in parks, participation in the Integrated Crisis and Communication Centre project, etc.
  • A new college for security, prevention and emergency service professions, called Brusafe, the aim of which is also to attract more Brussels residents who are aware of the challenges facing our Region.
  • A practical guide aimed at the municipalities of Brussels on preventing radicalisation.